Alpaca Infinity Scarf

My first CAM design:  Alpaca Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf was inspired by my daughter Cheryl.  She loved the first one I made her with Malibrigo Yarn, a 3-ply merino wool using a pattern from Ravelry called Gap-tastic.  She asked if I could make an infinity scarf she could wrap three times around her neck.  Inspired, I decided to design a scarf with a little more variety of knitted stitches using a soft alpaca yarn.  Hate to put anything around a person’s neck that is not soft.  This scarf is very long…about 34 inches.  You can wrap it around your neck very comfortably either twice or thrice!  If you want to use a less expensive chunky yarn, Lion Brand has soft alternatives.

Wrapped Thrice

Wrapped Thrice

Choose a yarn weight category 5.  With US 10 needles, CO 170 stitches.

Join in round being sure the stitches are not twisted.  Place a stitch marker to indicate beginning of round.

Row 1: *k1, p1.  Repeat from * across row.

Row 2: Knit

Row 3: *p1, k1. Repeat from * across row, p1.

Row four: Knit

Work these four rows until work measures approximately 12 inches.

Bind off and weave in ends.

Wrapped Twice

Wrapped Twice

34" long

34″ long


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